• Renaissance Toys

    Renaissance Toys

  • Seeker Paddle Boats (2)

    Seeker Paddle Boats (2)

  • Yamaha VX Cruiser Deluxe (2)

    Yamaha VX Cruiser Deluxe (2)

  • Ocean Kayak Malibu two XL (2)

    Ocean Kayak Malibu two XL (2)

  • Laser Pico

    Laser Pico

  • West Marine 310 inflatable dingy

    West Marine 310 inflatable dingy

  • Yamaha VX Cruiser Deluxe (2)

    Yamaha VX Cruiser Deluxe (2)

  • Chris Craft Motor Launch

    Chris Craft Motor Launch


Onboard the motor yacht Renaissance, we understand that half of the charter experience is what is happening off the yacht. That’s why when the owner commissioned his latest yacht one of his directives was to maximize the toy experience.  He handpicked the Chris Craft motor launch. It oozes style with comfort and provides seating for everyone onboard. Arriving in this launch is almost as exciting as arriving on the yacht. Two Yamaha deluxe three person jet skis that are both beginner friendly and fast for the more adventurous. You can slow down and spend the afternoon on either the double kayaks or the paddle boards. Too windy? Not a problem. We carry a Laser Pico sailboat onboard that is known worldwide as a great trainer and is convertible to a competition dingy racer. exploring the shallow waters with the kids? Take the inflatable dingy and putt around the backwater areas that the big boats can’t get into. Want to feel like an explorer? Renaissance has a commercial grade ROV (remote operated vehicle) that operates underwater to a depth of 400 feet and sends video to the television system onboard the yacht. We are sure Robert Ballard wasn’t sipping cocktails when he used his ROV to discover the Titanic, but onboard Renaissance you are welcome to. How do we keep track of all this? Overhead, Renaissance has a drone that is taking photos and recording memories. Add in a blaster tube, wakeboard, water skis, and snorkel gear we think it is safe to say Renaissance has it covered.

Chris Craft

Length overall 26’8”
Fuel Capacity 85 gal
Cruise speed 30 knots
Beam 8’6”
Draft min 17
Max speed 51 knots
Weight 5,580 lbs.
Volvo Penta V8 375 HP
Range 247 n. miles

Yamaha VX Cruiser Deluxe (2)

Length overall 131.9”
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gal
Capacity 1-3 persons
Beam 48”
Draft min 2”
Max speed 65 knots
Weight 664 lbs.
3 cylinder 1049CC
Range 146 n. miles

Lazer Pico

Length overall 11’8”
Sail area 67 square ft.
Beam 5’6”
Draft 35”
Weight 154 lbs.
Capacity 1-3 persons

West Marine 310 Dingy

Length overall 10’2”
Fuel Capacity .3 gal
Cruise speed 6 knots
Beam 5’1”
Draft min 2”
Max speed 12 knots
Weight 73 lbs.
Mercury 6 HP

Ocean Kayak Malibu XL (2)

Length overall 13’4”
Draft min 2”
Beam 34”
Weight 68 lbs.
Capacity 2 persons

Seeker Paddle Board (2)

Length overall 10’6”
Beam 30”
Weight 25.5 lbs.
Capacity 270 LBS

Deep Trekker DTG2 Smart ROV

Sensors (Heading (auto)
Depth (auto) -Temperature- Turns- Pitch- Roll
Max operating depth 492 feet
Speed 2.5 knots
LCD control screen with interface to aft deck TV.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone Aircraft

Size 350 mm
Flight time 23 minutes
Max service ceiling 1968 feet
Weight 1280 grams
Speed 35.7 mph
Camera still/video 12 megapixel/4K
Range 3.1 miles