The age of the classic motor launch is back

Vincent Astor’s yacht carried two, J.P.Morgan had a fleet of them. Nothing says you have arrived like a Chris Craft motor Launch. The style, the class these boats have had over the past 100 years is hard to copy.

When it comes to modern Chris-Craft boats, you can boil down their essence to one word – beauty – which becomes obvious when you look at the Chris-craft, whether on the inside when you lift an engine hatch or open a compartment, or on the outside when you view the launch sitting next to another bow rider, the Launch 25 simply out-classes other boats of this nature.

The motor yacht Renaissance is proud to carry one of these modern classics as its tender.   With the ability to provide seating for everyone onboard and a very comfortable ride in transit this tender is a wonderful addition to the Renaissance charter operation.

Astor’s yacht Nourmahal in 1935. Note Franklin D. Roosevelt underneath the Chris Craft Motor launch.

  • Length overall 26’8”              
  • Beam 8’6”                  
  • Weight 5,580 lbs.                              
  • Fuel Capacity 85 gal              
  • Draft min 17              
  • Volvo Penta V8 375 HP
  • Cruise speed 30 knots                       
  • Max speed 51 knots   range 247 n. mile
  • Passenger capacity- 10