Crew Profile

Captain Douglas Meier – Former U.S. Coast Guard

Doug’s love affair with the sea started at age fifteen when he joined the Naval Sea cadet corp. and attended Navy boot camp. This led him to later enroll in the U.S. Coast Guard. Based out of Miami he became involved with law enforcement and SAR operations. After serving the country for five years, Doug moved in the private yacht sector. For the next two decades, Doug commanded various power and sailing charter yachts throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico, and domestic waters from Key West to New England. Doug was honored by winning five Antigua Charter Yacht show awards and four Boat International/US classic yacht awards.

Mate Devyn

A holder of three passports, Devyn was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Coming from a sea-loving family – he has been around boats and sailing his whole life. Love of the water and sun sent him south to teach sailing at Club Med. Landing his first job on a yacht in 2004, he has traveled throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, and East Coast USA. After experiencing a daily dose of the Caribbean life, he moved to NYC. Over the years he has balanced a “real world” existence in the city with a lifeline role in the yachting world. In his free time he likes to sail, cycle, travel and watch the boats go by.

Chef Erin

Erin is a formally trained Culinary Chef with comprehensive experience delivering exceptional and unique dishes featuring premier quality gourmet food and creative menus. Originally from Texas Erin has enjoyed a successful yacht chef career over the past 10 years and has worked with Captain Doug for the past 3 years.

Chief Stewardess Medea

Medea was born and raised in Eastern Europe. She always had a love for nature on land and water. Growing up she joined a small boating organization, traveled all rivers in and around the region she had grown up in. After earning her degree in Business Administration she decided she wanted to travel and discover the world. Eventually she chose to anchor down in the U.S. where she has been building a great career in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. Medea worked for Hargrave on their 125 ft. yacht before coming over to Renaissance.

Deckhand Estefanie

Estefanie was born and raised in a small city in central Mexico and would split her time between there and with family in Chicago IL. After completing her education as a physical therapist, she excepted a position on a cruise line where she developed her hospitality skills and abilities. Searching to overcome new challenges she made her way to Fort Lauderdale where the combination of her skills and great attention to detail fit in perfectly with the Renaissance program.

2nd Stewardess (TBD)